Thursday, June 02, 2011

How In the World DId That Just Happen????

I just watched that last two quarters of the Mavs game. I pretty much gave up after Wade hit a three to up by 15 with 7 mins to go in the game. I threw the remote on the chair and turned on the Astros game while tried to calm down before bed and finish a few things. I would casually look up and check the score. They'd be within 9, then 4. I wanted to get up and watch, but I was afraid to get up from the Astro game because it's clear that I'm horrible luck for the Mavs. I did get up and watch the end as Dirk hit a three (TAKE DAT WIT CHEW!!!!) and then (after the Heat made a 3 to tie) and Dirk hit a driving layup. Then after a missed shot (did you see Wade try to sell a foul by falling to the ground like he'd been shot?) the Mavs had won to make it 1-1.
I couldn't be more shocked and I have no idea how it happened. Will it continue? No idea. Will the Mavs win the series? Still don't think so. But to quote a wise man, "I've seen alot of stuff in my life, but that...was...awesome."

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